English Speaking Clients

English Speaking Clients

Welcome at Seiler & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Partnerschaft mbB, tax consultant office in Böhmerstr. 6, 30173 Hannover.

Having to do a German income tax declaration? Problems with the Kindergeld?

But you heard about German tax law being so very complicated and - honestly spoken - you don't want to waste your time with confusing forms in a more or less foreign language?

Then choose the simple but effective way: let us help you.

You are from somewhere in the European Community or even from elsewhere abroad and you recently moved to Germany, maybe last year? Now you are working here as an employee for an international company as an expatriate?

Or you are in Germany only from time to time, but earning part of your salary here? By about the end of January the employer hands out the "Lohnsteuerbescheinigung", which is stating last year's salary and all the sums withheld for tax and social security.

Can you get back some of the tax you paid? And what about the tax you already paid elsewhere in another country for that year?

Your employer is not authorised to help you.

But we will help you handling things:

  • we explain the necessary vocabulary double taxation agreements, progressive tax rate, deadlines,
  • we tell you what's deductible, i. e. movement costs (unless they are reimbursed by the employer), double household, professional expenses; fees for the International School, payments to craftsmen who did some repair at your home,…
  • we fill in all forms and declarations, also raise objections and above all
  • we handle all correspondence with the tax authorities for you.

You don't have to worry about anything except give us the information we need, sign the declaration and in the first place - feel free to contact us: call under the phone number  +49 511 98969-0 ask for Mrs. Iris Kelm or send a mail to: iris.kelm@stb-seiler.de

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